A Defense game made from shapes, defend your base and take down the opponent's base!

WIP game. Made in 4-5 Hours during game jam


- Fixed many bugs around money, health bars, attacks

- Fixed enemy AI

- More accurate attacking

- Click for money

- Hover over troops for individual health

- Turrets

- Reroll choose screen

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Tower Defense


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this is bug or what? when i play and buy one troop 200$ he buy  5 troops witch 1000$ and game NEED ARCHERS I NEED ARCHERS please.

Hmmm... I do need to balance the game. Thanks for reporting!


wow thanks now dis game are so Good 

(1 edit)

i think there are bug when i buy someone for 20$ there are nothing and there are -20000000000$ norm for 3 hourse

Oo thanks for reporting! Will update the game soon



pov: you don't know how to play

i rushed this lol I will update this to be playable

o ok